marcel vigneron 320 Syfy to serve up 'Top Chef' Marcel Vigneron show, Thursday realityMarcel Vigneron, known as the bouffant-haired molecular gastronomist on Bravo’s “Top Chef,” is staying with the NBC Universal family.

The chef is developing a reality series, “Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen,” for Syfy, it was announced at the network upfront Tuesday (March 16).

The docu-series by executive producers Kevin Dill and Mechelle Collins will center on Vigneron’s new catering and event company that will combine imagination and culinary arts to create avant-garde delights for picky clients. Some of the inspiring events include a Goth-rock fashion show, a fairytale graduation party and the ribbon-cutting for a subway line.

How many foods can you turn into foam? We’ll find out.

Besides the kooky cooking series, Syfy is also heating up a few more reality dishes:

  • “Force of Nature” – Following Feng Shui master Ariel Towne apply the mysterious discipline to various clients, situations or spaces.
  • “The Latimer Project” – Jason Latimer, a three-time World Champion of Magic, gets together with his illusion design firm Latimer Corp to create props and visually stunning events for clients.
  • “Mr. Impossible” – Dezso Molnar is a “rogue inventor” who solves problems with his technologies.
  • “Paranormal Files” – Gritty, dramatic first-hand testimony from people who’ve lived through paranomal experiences.
  • “Face Off” – Competition series in the world of special-effects make-up artists.
  • “The Dome Experiment” – A dozen volunteers become test subjects in a bio-environment that will test their roles to see if nature or nurture wins out.
  • “Untitled Artifact Search Series” – A search through history for special artifacts, a la Indiana Jones.

But wait!  There’s more reality. Following on the heels of its successful reality Wednesdays, Syfy is dedicating Thursdays to a reality block, beginning July 15th.

“Mary Knows Best” will follow the life of radio host and psychic Mary Occhino and her mismatched group of kids — including a skeptic, a paranormal investigator and a reluctant psychic — her older brother and two grandchildren.

Both “Mary” and “Paranormal Investigators,” a debunking reality series, will debut on July 15th. “Beast Legends” (Premieres TBD) uses state-of-the-art computer graphics to bring legendary creatures to life in order to explore the myths.

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