almighty thor3 Syfy's 'Almighty Thor' hoping you can't get tickets to 'Thor'We’re proud to share with you these pictures of the two stars of a movie about the Norse god Thor. No, not that one.

The two men to the left are the stars of Syfy’s movie “Almighty Thor”: Cody Deal is the title character, and Richard Grieco is his nemesis, Loki. The movie premieres Saturday, May 7, one day after the somewhat more generously budgeted “Thor” arrives in theaters.

“Thor” — the one with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman — will likely be a hot ticket. So if your local theater sells out, you can always stay home and watch “Almighty Thor.” Syfy describes the movie, which also stars Patricia Velasquez (“The Mummy Returns”) and pro wrestler Kevin Nash as Odin, this way: “In ‘Almighty Thor,’ a volcanic fissure bursts open in the fortress of Valhalla, freeing the demon God Loki (Grieco), who steals the Hammer of Invincibility. Loki plans to obliterate Los Angeles using the Hammer — and Thor (Deal) is the only one who can stop him.”

The movie will (presumably) also answer the question of why Thor wears a trench coat:

almighty thor1 Syfy's 'Almighty Thor' hoping you can't get tickets to 'Thor'Plus, there’s a dragon. Does Marvel’s “Thor” have a dragon? Yeah, didn’t think so.

almighty thor2 Syfy's 'Almighty Thor' hoping you can't get tickets to 'Thor'“Almighty Thor” airs on Syfy at 9 p.m. ET Saturday, May 7.

Posted by:Rick Porter