danica mckellar tasmanian devils SyFy's 'Tasmanian Devils': Did you watch Danica McKellar and Apolo Ohno star in the gore fest?SyFy has done it again! In its grand tradition of monster B-movies, the network has enlisted “Wonder Years” child star Danica McKellar, as well as Olympian (and “Dancing with the Stars” alum) Apolo Ohno, for its latest film, “Tasmanian Devils.”

In the movie, Ohno plays a daredevil base-jumper who tresspasses on a remote mountain in Tasmania — and then plummets to his death in a bloody encounter with an angry nest of, you guessed it, Tasmanian devils. The base-jumpers have revived an ancient aboriginal curse, and McKellar’s character is an expert on the creatures who, obviously, goes into battle.

Let’s just say the movie is a far cry from Winnie Cooper.

“Tasmanian Devils” was the directorial debut of Zach Lipovsky, the special effects master who got to the finals on Stephen Spielberg’s reality competition series “On The Lot.”

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Tasmanian Devils Trailer – January 19th from Zach Lipovsky on Vimeo.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie