sylvester stallone raphael fresco swns 'Sylvester Stallone' spotted in 500 year old painting

Sylvester Stallone seems like he’s been around for forever. But now there’s new evidence that the “Rocky” star might be more than 500 years old…well sort of.

An American college student, while vacationing in Italy, spotted a doppelganger for the movie star in a Roman fresco. The Raphael painting, called “The Cardinal and Theological Virtues,” was done in 1511 and shows Pope Gregory IX approving papal laws. Standing in the background is the Stallone lookalike complete with droopy eyes and iron chin.

Anthony Zonfrell tells The Sun, “As soon as we saw the painting, we knew it was him. My whole family thought it was hilarious. It could actually be a portrait of Stallone.”

So Zappers, do you think it looks like Sly? Or perhaps it’s closer to Robert Mitchum?

Posted by:David Eckstein