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Tatiana-Londono_Head-Shot_al Serendipity Sunday is underway, and first up on the list of TV shows I've either never seen or would probably not watch ordinarily is HGTV's "Property Shop," a reality show about Montreal real-estate agent Tatiana Londono.

Open house starting now, back in a few…

The impression: This show premiered on Jan. 1 (with episodes that premiered in early 2008 in Canada), and already it's an artifact of a bygone era, an era in which high-powered real-estate agents who sold for high prices and got high commissions were heroes to the public.

I'm sure they're still heroes to their clients — as they should be — but considering the havoc wrought by escalating mortgage amounts and resulting defaults, there's an ick factor now.

As to the show, Londono is certainly no Jeff Lewis from "Flipping Out." Her hair may be huge, along with her ego, but she's just not fun to watch. Lewis, with his OCD and eccentric staff, may be an oddball, but he's an amusing and compelling one.

Here, I wound up more interested in Londono's young underlings (even though one of them didn't seem to understand the concept of call-forwarding) than I was in the high-energy blond bombshell. The only upside — lots of shots of lovely Montreal, which seems to have some very nice houses.

The verdict, on a scale of stone cold to tepid to piping hot: Tepid.

Would I watch again? Nope.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare