Alex Wong, ballet dancer, brings “mad swag” and “swag for days,” in the words of his proud choreographers and dance partner.

After facing and conquering his biggest genre challenge — hip-hop — on Wednesday night’s (June 30) “So You Think You Can Dance,” Wong spills to Zap2it backstage, followed by his all-star partner Stephen “tWitch” Boss and choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo (aka Nappytabs).

In the interview, it’s clear that Wong is still on a high from the positive reception to the routine. The judges all but bowed down to him, and the former Miami City Ballet dancer can hardly believe it.

“I didn’t think I could do it,” he says backstage. “I’m overwhelmed I got good feedback.”

He credits his teachers for successfully pulling off the dance, in which he plays a man who receives therapy from a psychiatrist (played by tWitch). The routine is set to “Outta Your Mind” by Lil Jon and LM*AO. How appropriate.

“Seriously, Tabitha and Napoleon gave me a really good piece that catered to my personality,” he explains. “They helped me, baby steps on every single move and how to do everything. tWitch walked me through everything.”The admiration is mutual. tWitch enthuses, “I have never seen a ballet dancer do hip-hop to this magnitude … I was speechless. It was a matter of getting out of your mind and going for blood.

“He definitely held his own as a hip-hop dancer,” he adds. “Alex has swag for days. And he has ballet technique, which is rare.”

Of course, tWitch wouldn’t be tWitch without some cheesy humor. Watch his full interview to the end to hear what he says about a possible ballet-hip-hop movie collaboration with Wong.We would pay good money to watch “Krunk Pond.”

Finally, Nappytabs discuss the more technical aspects of Wong’s dance skills, how his body awareness and fast feet contributes to his success adapting to hip-hop. Tabitha also gives props to her husband for adding in the humorous ballet winks to the routine.Whatever the reasoning or formula, we just know that Wong has set the bar even higher for Season 7.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen