allison holker sytycd 320 'SYTYCD': Allison Holker out, Katee Shean in“So You Think You Can Dance” has had its first sidelining injury of the season, but at least it’s not a competitor.

All-star Allison Holker, who’s consistently wowed the audience and overshadowed her partner this season, is out for the week due to an injury.

“Hey guys I have to sit this week out of #sytycd I hurt my ribs but I’m gonna rest and heal and I’ll be back by next week!!” she tweets. She recently paired with Kent Boyd for a jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore.

Although she’ll be missed, at least another fan favorite, Season 4’s Katee Shean will return, most like to sub in for Holker.

Judge Nigel Lythgoe tweets, “the rumour is true that Katie Shean is on this week’s #SYTYCD. Happy 234th birthday America. Do I have to leave the Country tomorrow?”

And then adds, ” Doh!! Sorry Katee Shean will be on #SYTYCD along with Nyjel Lithgo.”

For those who don’t recall Shean, she and her roommate were vying for the final Top 20 spot in Season 4, and Shean had gotten the spot, despite having a defeatist attitude. Exhaustion had taken its toll, but she at least recouped in time for competition and delivered numerous memorable performances, such as these two with Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Joshua Allen below:

Happy to see Katee back despite Allison’s injury?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen