Alex Wong stood out among the Season 7’s “So You Think You Can Dance” contestants on Wednesday night’s (June 16) competition show.

The ballet dancer is paired with all-star Allison Holker to perform to Jeff Buckley’s cover of “Hallelujah,” as choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.

Check out the clip of his performance. Sadly, the video quality isn’t
the best, but we’ll replace as soon as a better option is made

Frankly, we were a little apprehensive at first since the song has been overplayed lately — twice during the “American Idol” Top 10 this past season — and also because for the most part, the all-stars had been outshining the competitors by leaps and jetes.

This doesn’t seem to be Alex’s case at all.

The judges are in raptures. Nigel Lythgoe thinks Alex had “just set a new standard” for the show and that he melded structure and artistry. “You and your partner Allison were mega light years ahead of everybody else … I’m relieved this format is working.”

Think that’s overstating it? Well, Mia Michaels decides to go the hyperbolic route: “That is the best, hands-down piece of work danced on the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ stage anywhere in the world up to date … Alex you are sheer perfection, you are sheer genius.”

We agree with Adam Shankman. This is why the Miami City Ballet didn’t want to let Alex go in the previous season. As for Alex and Allison raising Sonya’s game … well, we’ve always liked her style, so we’ll just say they all made each other better.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen