What are Joshua Allen‘s plans now that he’s won the fourth season of So You Think You Can Dance? Sleep! "I’m going to sleep for a whole day," he said earlier this morning. "The show pushes you so hard. When you’re exhausted and you think you have no more to give, you have to give more." Therefore, a day of rest is in order, maybe a massage and definitely some down time to kick it with his family and friends at home in Texas.

But Josh doesn’t plan to sit around for long. "I really want to be a recording artist," the aspiring singer told reporters, saying he hopes to catch the eye of a record company, and would love to work with Omarion, Chris Brown, Usher, Neo, Missy Elliott or Justin Timberlake. At the top of the list, however, is Michael Jackson, a longtime inspiration. "I know it’s kind of a big [request], but I really want to meet and talk to him," Josh said.

Billed as an "untrained street dancer" throughout the competition, but called out at one point by choreographer Mia Michaels for clearly having some dance schooling, I asked Josh to clear up the mild controversy. "Oh, I took class," Josh freely admitted. "Modern, ballet, jazz classes. There are certain things you have to know how to do to do well in the competition. But I’m not technically trained like William or Mark or Matt." Josh explained that his training consisted of Summer classes when he had time, because he was a big sports fan and heavily involved in high school track and his varsity football team (he was a running back, in case you were wondering). His total dance education amounts to about two years of schooling as opposed to the technically trained competitors like Will who have studied dance all year round since they were young.

But Josh was happy to compete with and against these trained dancers, especially his Top Twenty partner, Katee Shean. "We’ve been through a lot together. We struggled together. I’ll always remember, before going out [to hear if we’d made it through to the next week], she’d always look at me and say, we’re okay, right? And I’d say, we’re okay." Was she looking for reassurance from him? "In a way, I needed reassurance too, but I tried to be strong for both of us. You can’t imagine how nerve wracking the whole experience is unless you’ve been through it," Josh told me. As for the surprise $50,000 that Katee — this year’s top girl — took home last night, Josh couldn’t be more pleased: "I was so happy. I was so happy for her. I didn’t want her to walk away empty-handed. I mean, she wouldn’t have walked away empty-handed either way, but I just really wanted her to  have something."

One thing Josh walks away from the competition without, though? His braces. You may have noticed that the metal that has graced his mouth since week one was mysteriously missing during yesterday’s finale episode. What’s up with that? Well, apparently they were ready to come off, and when a producer arranged for an orthodontist to do the job, Josh jumped at the chance, saying, let’s go right now! "I feel more confident [now that they’re gone]," he said.

He’ll take that confidence on the So You Think You Can Dance tour this Fall, traveling around the country to fifty venues. "I haven’t been a lot of places. I’ve been to Texas, obviously, and L.A. But that’s it. So I’m really excited to go to all these different cities," Josh revealed. "I’m so happy. My mom always told me, sky’s the limit. Sky’s the limit."

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh