legacy imdb eric hyler 320 'SYTYCD's' Legacy to dance at Oscars, talks Olympics and 'Avatar'“So You Think You Can Dance’s” Legacy will be at the Academy Awards, but not for his emotionally wrought crying scenes.

The busy b-boy will take part in a dance routine at the Oscars on Sunday, March 7 in Hollywood, reuniting with “SYTYCD” judge Adam Shankman, who’s also producing the Oscars alongside Bill Mechanic.

“I will be part of the Academy Awards,” Legacy confirmed to Zap2it Wednesday (Feb. 10). “LXD [The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers crew] got asked to perform in it. Either I’ll be performing with LXD or I’m doing some stuff with Adam.”

Unfortunately, Jonathan “Legacy” Perez didn’t have any details about the routine yet, but he filled us in on the audition process, where he didn’t have to dance one step.

“I was asked to sit by the main choreographers and Adam Shankman,” said Legacy. “A lot of people who watched the show, a lot of dancers were inspired by what we did. So they wanted [me] just to be there because you know, when you have somebody watching you that you’ve watched on TV, you tend to show off a little more. So the audition process was really intense because people are like, ‘Oh they’re there? Whoa! We got to show off. We’ve got to do really good for them.'”

Besides dancing at the Academy Awards, Legacy will have a keen interest in how the night plays out for his favorite movie of last year, Oscar contender “Avatar.”

“I absolutely loved ‘Avatar’ big time. I’ve seen it twice,” he revealed. “It’s the message, it’s the intricacies, the beauty of it, the concept, how it’s shot, what it means, the obstacles in it and how they all turn into opportunities. The more chaos, the more you can reveal light. There are just so many things [from the movie] that I try to apply in my life. It brought everything out for me visually.”

And would he like to have his own Legacy avatar?

“Yeah, that would be fresh. That would be really fresh,” he enthused. “I would do everything. I’d flip off walls, break through topiary.”

legacy sytycd 250 'SYTYCD's' Legacy to dance at Oscars, talks Olympics and 'Avatar'Until the avatar technology is made available, however, Legacy will just have to be satisfied with how humans are currently able to move, which is pretty well considering the Olympics are upon us.

“I think snowboarding is something I’d watch at the Olympics probably this year,” said Legacy, whose busy schedule keeps him from regular TV viewing.

The dancer whose sick moves and crazy athleticism wowed viewers on “SYTYCD” carried his physical dexterity onto the slopes his first time snowboarding.

He explained, “When I dance, when I do my power moves — like spinning on my head, my back or my shoulders — I’m ambidextrous in that sense. So in snowboarding I go down regular and goofy foot. I could do both sides. People were like, ‘That’s not really fair.'”

Legacy’s also proud that he didn’t fall off the ski lift his first time, but he wasn’t able to stay completely upright the whole time.

“I did fall,” he admitted. “Once I got really cocky and I bashed my face and my glasses flew off all over the place.”

Check back with Zap2it for Legacy more news including his upcoming movie “Step Up 3-D” and his advice for Valentine’s Day. Or check out Part I of Zap2it’s Legacy interview.

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