tabathas salon takeover bravo premiere main Tabatha Coffey explains why she has never abandoned a 'Salon Takeover'

When Zap2it had lunch with “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover’s” host and hair-whisperer Tabatha Coffey in New York City, we were surprised to learn just how unlike a diva Tabatha really is.
“I’m a no-frills kind of girl,” she tells us. “I like to take care of myself. I’m very self-sufficient.”
Here we were envisioning the “Tabatha bus” crossing the country with Bravo’s film crew and Tabatha’s entourage, but we couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the production tries to lay low when it hits town to make sure the surprise we see on the salon owners’ faces are real. Tabatha tells us she travels with only one real indulgence.
“There’s no ‘Tabatha bus.’ There’s no limo. There’s no town car. There’s none of that, which I’m totally fine with,” she says. “I press my own clothes. I pack my own suitcases. I schlep them. I do have a makeup artist, whom I adore. And that is my one indulgent thing.”
Tabatha tells us that we’re in for quite an exciting time with Season 3, which will include a salon owner throwing a shampoo bottle at a stylist and hitting a client (ouch!) and she makes good on her promise in every episode that one never knows when she’ll be back. Tabatha teases “a check-in or two or three or four with some of your favorite people from past seasons.”

tabathas salon takeover bravo premiere Tabatha Coffey explains why she has never abandoned a 'Salon Takeover'

What else does the new season hold? “A couple people who drive me crazy. Yes, I do lose my mind a few times and swear a lot, which is so unusual for me,” Tabatha sarcastically says. “I never do that.”
In past seasons, we’ve definitely seen Tabatha encounter some very defensive owners and salon staffers. And she has been known to walk out of a salon, threatening that she won’t return. But, as far as we know, she always has. And Tabatha tells us her record is still intact after shooting Season 3.
“I have walked out of a salon,” she says. “Because I’m frustrated for whatever reason. The reason why I’ve never walked out of the production is because there’s always something that keeps me there.”
She then adds, “There’s typically someone, even if I can not stand the owners or I can not stand some of the stylists, there’s always that one person that looks at me and I’m like, ‘I will stay to help you.’ If I can help you, then I feel like I’ve done something successful, made it a success somehow.”
Watch part of our lunchtime chat below:

“Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” premieres Monday, December 6 at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.
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