Hello everyone!  As the new blogger for Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites around here, I don’t want to make any waves, despite the pressure I feel to do so.  So never fear, the format that you’ve come to know and love will be maintained.  However, I cannot promise that my angry, young man complex will not rear it’s ugly head when one of the boring Fans wins this thing…

Pour the whine. The show opens with dissension in the Favorites camp. Jonathan and Cirie seem not to have noticed the fact that a week has gone by, as they have readily picked up the argument featured in the closing moments of last week’s show. The two seem at loggerheads, which will make the eventual alliance that sweeps them into the final two all the more dramatic. Or so one might hope.

Muscling up on the minorities. Dawn breaks with breakfast at team Fans, where the topic of discussion is who the Faves might have voted out. Focus quickly shifts to tastier fare, a nearby eel, who is dispatched with the savagery we’ve come to associate with the bloodthirsty Fans. The eel appears to not be up to the task of slaking the Fans bloodlust, and they quickly turn on the local whipping boy — Chet, who receives a round of tongue-lashing from the cool kids.

Back at the Faves camp, Eliza appears to be succumbing to the ravages of the wilderness. James shows some concern, but perhaps he is just sizing her up for a glorious return to his gravedigging past. The rest of the cast appears to agree, as Eliza’s death is a hot topic. For some reason, Eliza appears to object. I’m with you James, I can’t figure her will to survive out…

(Coco)Nuts to that!  I’ll have some eggs! A combination of letters and coconuts secreted underwater, with chickens at stake, appears before our heroes. Unsurprisingly, the fans don’t trust Chet around chickens, and they leave him out of the competition. Ozzy, not needing to breathe like all of us mortals, dives long and deep to corral the elusive nuts for his team, giving them an insurmountable lead. The Faves win the chix, saving the lucky chunks of poultry from the machinations of the Fans. Kathy continues her unbeaten streak in the unpopularity contest, and is sent to Exile Island. Ozzy shines his divine countenance upon her by agreeing to accompany her to the land of the lonely.

Ozzy is a GOD! In typical Survivor counterpoint, the Fans speculate on Kathy’s misery — cut to Kathy living it up with Oz. Ozzy, sensing a competition in the offing, takes this opportunity to find the Exile Island immunity idol with relative ease. Forgoing the obvious hiding place near the more gentlemanly regions of his swim trunks, he sticks it in his hat.

Ozzy, in a snap decision to pay homage to the devious nature of his former teammate Yau-Man, fashions a false idol to place in the stead of the genuine one he carries close to his highly-evolved brain.

Smart Patrol! Put the poles in the holes! Back at the Faves camp, Eliza makes her play on Team Showmance, chumming it up with Parvati. Jonathan sees two people talking by themselves and naturally makes the assumption that all that is needed to complete the conversation is him walking up behind them to eavesdrop. Seriously, who is this guy?  Mr. Nosy Neighbor (‘Ello!  What’s going on over here!?)  This guy overhears more conversations than Harry Potter.

Ozzy and Kathy are reunited with their tribes for the day’s immunity challenge. Once again, the spirit of Rube Goldberg is channeled by the show’s producers, and a souped-up competition of push me-pull you ensues. The Faves’ experience with people attached to poles and spelling words prevails, and the Fans are awarded the honor of reducing their number by one.

Chet makes a last stand. Or Tracy makes it for him, rather. Chet’s hours appear to be to be numbered among the Fans. Chet seems ready to go, despite Kathy and Tracy’s efforts to buck him up. Tracy makes a valiant effort to shame Joel into rebelling against Mikey. She makes a convincing argument, but do the nerves in Joel’s ears stretch all the way to his brain?  Only time will tell.

Tribal council comes, and the topic of discussion again is the strength of the tribe. It seems there are as many opinions as to how best to bolster the tribe as there are members in it. Jason, his aspirations of debating at the presidential level quite apparent, delivers a rebuttal that one can only assume everyone will have present in their minds when they pick up the over-sized novelty marker of doom. Tracy’s efforts to penetrate Joel’s cortex are successful, as Chet wipes the sweat from his brow and changes his suddenly damp pants — Mikey gets the axe.

Next week — THE MERGE, VIOLENCE AT CHALLENGE, BODY PARTS AT RISK!  I’ll be there, will you?

Posted by:Andrew Stubinski