, airing Wednesdays, it has taken queasiness to a whole new level. Touching dead bodies for a living? Check. Running around naked everywhere? Check. Wrapping brass coils around your neck so tightly that your shoulders end up on your hips? Check. So if you like weird stuff that’s not going to find approval in places like Davenport, Iowa, or Lincoln, Neb., call your friends — we’re going to party Taboo style.

Setting the scene:
As far as we are concerned, National Geographic’s bread and butter is the naked indigenous tribe theme, so we recommend you transform the party area into a rural village, replete with grass shacks and thatching, woven baskets and someone dressed as a witch doctor making hut calls. Visit the National Geographic Web site and buy prints featuring the weird stuff that happens in the world, such as the mostly naked red-painted revelers celebrating the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane in Scotland.

Because this is a party about taboos, guests have a lot of options — all of them bad: cross-dressers, naked natives or Goths with a shovel and a dead pet in a sack.

On the menu:
We’re not trying to be judgmental here, but in order to serve foods that push boundaries we suggest checking out menus from traditional Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and Taiwanese restaurants. Plus, go extreme with such treats as pig’s brain, seahorses on a stick, bugs, deep-fried bat or balut — a partially hatched chicken or duck egg. Ugh. No one is going to come to this party. Maybe gummy worms are a better choice.

On the hi-fi:
The original London cast recording of Boy George’s Taboo featuring such songs as Freak, Genocide Peroxide, Everything Taboo and Guttersnipe. Also, The Sweetest Taboo by Sade and something by the Black Eyed Peas.

The showstopper:
Though it would be great if you hired a professional piercer to come to the party and put giant hooks through the skin of your guests, you probably won’t need as much in the way of Band-Aids and antiseptic if you choose another taboo and attend Key West’s annual Fantasy Fest, Oct. 17-26. Revelers can dress like freaks or get naked and paint their bodies before wandering the streets of town. Thousands of people do it, so it doesn’t feel like such a taboo. Just don’t tell your mom (and pray she isn’t there, too).

Posted by:Michael Korb