lost desmond hurley Talking 'Lost' on AOL's 'Instant Dharma'Writing this “Lost” blog for the past two and a half years has produced some insanely cool moments. Sometimes, those moments consist of a theory suddenly crystallizing. Sometimes, it involves an inside joked developed by my readership that turns a one-way discourse into a community celebration. Last year, it involved meeting dozens of you in Chicago. And this week, another such moment occurred.

As I’ve been promoting for a little while now, I’ve been out on the West Coast to film an episode of AOL’s “Instant Dharma.” It’s a web talk show about, shockingly enough, “Lost.” The host, Maggie Furlong, could not have been nicer, and best of all, I got to do the show with my podcast pal Maureen Ryan. In fact, I had never even met Maureen until coming out to film this, a fact that may not be obvious to those of you that listen to the podcast. (But I guess that’s a good thing, since if you assumed we were long-time associates, then we’re doing our jobs on the podcast.)

I’ve embedded the show below. It’s really, really, really strange looking at my mug moving onscreen, but hopefully I acquitted myself well. And getting out of my comfort zone was a good thing, in that I’ll be stretching myself even further this week: I’ve been asked to moderate a panel at NYC’s Paley Center event entitled, “The Last Lost Weekend: A Celebration.” So if you’ll be at that event, let me know and I’ll look for you post-panel! Should be a fantastic event, and I’m thrilled to be involved.

But for now, enjoy “Instant Dharma”!

Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Ryan McGee