Today’s cuppa: Bewley’s Gold tea

Americas_Got_Talent_Kevin_Skinner1.jpgClick here for a Zap2it Q&A I did with contestant Kevin Skinner from this summer’s edition of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

But, because you’re here sharing a hot cuppa with me, here are a couple more excerpts from my interview with Skinner, which took place on the set for the show at CBS Television City — where I plan to be Wednesday night, watching Susan Boyle perform on finale show! Word is that she’ll be singing the Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses.” Click here for a preview.

Q: Boyle had to wait until her late 40s to find success. You’re 35. How do you feel about getting the attention now, instead of when you were younger?

A: “I’m a songwriter, and I write about experiences that have happened to me in my life. You have to live a while before you can do that. I was lucky enough to meet one of the biggest names in Nashville, and he signed my guitar. It was Merle Kilgore. I was younger when I met him. I was in my 20s. He said, ‘Live a little while, then you’ll have a whole lot more to write about.”

Q: What’s been the reaction back home in Mayfield, Ken.?

A: “I can’t go anywhere when I go home. People say, ‘How do you handle that?’ I say, ‘Hey, everybody needs their quiet time, but you need to get out and let the fans know how you feel.’ They did a couple conventions back home, with my permission. I said, ‘On one condition, if you take the proceeds and hand them over to St. Jude’s, give it to a good cause.’

“Actually that one did real well, and they’re setting up another one. I said, ‘I believe in helping people.’ I’d like to prevail in my music and be in the position to help somebody else who needs a chance.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare