tamera mowry pregnant baby bump tca gi Tamera Mowry pregnancy frustrations: Actress wants to induce labor at home“Thirty-nine weeks in and no baby yet.” Tamera Mowry-Housley writes a frustrated blog for People’s Moms & Babies.

The twin sister and star of “Tia and Tamera” is in a hurry to be done with her pregnancy and deliver the baby, but her doctor tells her she has to play a waiting game. Tamera, who says her unborn son may already be teaching her a lesson in patience, points out that a due date is not guaranteed, but hers is here and she’s ready.

I have been very blessed to have had a wonderful and easy pregnancy,” writes Tamera. “But now it has turned a corner. I’ve heard the last two weeks explain what being pregnant is really all about! I am not complaining — please don’t get me wrong — but boy, have I had my days.”

Tamera receives help and encouragement from her husband Adam Housley, but says she recently tried rolling out of bed on her own to use the bathroom. She writes, “It took me 15 minutes! My bathroom is honestly just a few feet away. And at that moment, I chose to laugh real hard.

Though she says she’s choosing to laugh rather than cry, Tamera reveals she ‘s facing anxiety and lies awake at night, “pondering such questions as, ‘What kind of mom will I be; do I have all my son’s newborn essentials; is the nursery efficient and safe; do I have everything I need in my hospital bag; how will my delivery go?'”

The actress, best known for her role in “Sister, Sister” with real-life win, Tia Mowry says she’s even tried a little self-help by researching natural inducement methods.

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