tara reid jedward Tara Reid fakes a marriage, makes a music video with Jedward“American Pie” actress Tara Reid recently revealed that her much-tweeted-about marriage to Zack Keyahov wasn’t actually real. Shocking, given the facts — her reps didn’t even know she was dating him and she was engaged for less than a day before they got married on vacation in Greece.

They never sealed the deal on American soil, so conveniently, the marriage is just another laughable moment in her past.

Now, Reid has made a special appearance in Jedward’s video for “Wow Oh Wow.” In case you’re not familiar with Jedward, the “X Factor” alumni twins – John and Edward – were Reid’s housemates for her stint on “Celebrity Big Brother.”

“John and Edward saved me in that house,” she said when she got evicted in September. “It got real mental and paranoid in there with Darryn bitching and turning people against each other. Jedward knew what was going on. No-one gives them credit that they’re smart. They know what they’re doing. When everything was tragic they became magic. They never backstabbed anyone. They brought joy with their joking around and stunts. I seriously think the house would suffer if they weren’t there.”

The video was shot Oct. 24 in Los Angeles. Jedward tweeted the photo above.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie