stars Tara Reid and Ian Ziering stopped by Shark Week’s “Shark After Dark” program this week — and one might expect them to be fun, entertaining guests because they are definitely in on the joke regarding “Sharknado.”

Reid even said in a pre-“Sharknado” conference call that she isn’t some kind of shark expert from working on the Syfy original movie because the sharks were CGI, they were never actually around any real sharks.

However, her ramblings on “Shark After Dark” are entertaining in maybe not the way she intended:

“I was like, I don’t wanna, like, really sound stupid when I do this show today. So I learned a little before I came on the show about sharks. So I look up sharks on the internet and I see, like, whale sharks and I’m like, ‘Oh, that must mean a whale and a shark have sex.’ and then I think,’ How does a whale and a shark have sex?’

And I realize that whales are mammals and sharks are animals, they have nothing to do with each other. So basically, the dolphins have sex with each other but the sharks don’t, so I thought, ‘How is it such at thing?’ But the difference is there’s a whale shark and it’s the biggest shark in the ocean, but it’s not so scary. And then you have the great white, there’s like over 400 kinds of sharks. The whale shark is so interesting, but he’s not mean. He’s not, like, a killer.”

We … have nothing to add.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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