Tara Reid got even last night. She got into Hyde, the hipper-than-thou nightclub that denied her entrance a few months ago. Back then, bouncers refused to let poor Tara in and made her stand outside while they let Paris Hilton and her posse breeze by. Ouch. See her agonizing public humiliation captured for all eternity on TMZ.

According to TMZ, the holiday horror flick “Black Christmas,” a film definitely not on anyone’s Oscar short list, there was some kind of post party there. And since Tara attended the premiere and posed on the red carpet, she got in without a hitch. Whatever the reason, I say congrats are in order.

To make her return to the red carpet, Tara has chosen well; an elegant crystal nude strapless gown by Kevan Hall. To top it off,  she’s also copying Lindsay Lohan‘s favorite red carpet pose, the faux smack n’ blow to photographers. Keep practicing, Tara. You’re not quite there.

Photo Credits: Mmmmmmwwwaaah! Tara puckers up for the photographers at the "Black Christmas" premiere in a Kevan Hall gown.
Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

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