tareq salahi gi Tareq Salahi tormented by Neal Schon's penis pic, crank callsAs if it weren’t bad enough that his wife ran off with Journey’s Neal Schon, Tareq Salahi says that he’s being further harassed.

In the paperwork filed by Salahi seeking a divorce from his wife Michaele, Salahi claims that she flaunted her affair and that Schon sent an email to him with a picture of his penis and the message, “Hay buddy, look at what your wife is hanging out with now! Jealous?”

Now, our go-to source for all Salahi-Schon scandal news, TMZ, reports that Salahi received four prank hang-up phone calls between 3 and 4 a.m. Sunday (Sept. 18) morning from the same Oregon area code that Michaele called him from earlier this week when this who brouhaha started. When Salahi *69-ed the caller an unidentified male answered but there was “clearly a party going on in the background.”

And we all know how those aging rock stars like to party.

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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