redmond tatum oneal Tatum O'Neal hopes to help brothers Redmond, Griffin with substance abuse issuesTatum O’Neal detailed her battle with heroin and crack addiction in her autobiographies, “A Paper Life” and “Found: A Daughter’s Journey Home” and now that she’s clean, she’s hoping to help her younger half-brothers with their own struggles.

Redmond was arrested last Tuesday when officers found heroin in his trunk after he ran a red light. Redmond has had several court appearances stemming from DUI and heroin charges, but his arraignment for this most recent arrest was the first time his father Ryan and siblings Tatum and Patrick came to court to support him.

Meanwhile, their other brother, Griffin, is currently wanted in San Diego for a DUI-related head-on collision that occurred on Tuesday as well.

Radar reports that the O’Neals are dedicated to helping Redmond and his brother, Griffin, overcome their substance abuse problems — Tatum in particular. “Tatum will move heaven and earth to do whatever she can to help Redmond
get and stay sober. Tatum loves Redmond tremendously, and doesn’t want
to lose her brother to this disease. Tatum is sincere and genuine for
her concern for her youngest brother,” a friend tells the site. “Tatum is going to be there for Redmond, whatever he needs. But she knows
as a person in recovery, she can want Redmond to get sober until the
cows come home…Redmond has to want it.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie