tatum oneal getty small Tatum O'Neal not back in rehab: No cocaine relapse, says repSome sites are reporting that Tatum O’Neal has voluntarily checked herself into a rehab facility after a significant relapse into cocaine addiction last month, but such reports are false according to her rep.

O’Neal is currently in treatment, but not for addiction. A recent back surgery caused her significant pain, but O’Neal was concerned that given her prior struggles with substance abuse, she needed to be supervised while taking pain medication.

She is now taking prescribed pain-killers at a facility that can monitor her use and help her prevent a relapse into addiction. It is not a rehab facility and there is no indication that she has relapsed or used cocaine.

“She will always seek supervision when taking prescription medication that has addictive potential,” her rep tells E!.

Glad to hear it.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie