andy kaufman alive daughter 'Taxi' star Andy Kaufman is alive his 'daughter' says   Is it a hoax?

Did Andy Kaufman fake his death? That’s been a long-standing theory by many, though there’s no actual proof it happened. However, a woman claiming to be the daughter of the “Taxi” star says it’s true.
During the 9th annual Andy Kaufman Awards at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, a woman approached the stage while Andy’s brother was giving a speech and introduced herself as the comedian’s daughter. She says Kaufman himself was going to show up at the show for some reason, but backed out at the last minute.
According to the “daughter,” Andy has been living a quiet life cut off from the internet and general public most of the years since he died.
Of course, this is a hoax. The “daughter” can offer no proof that she is actually Andy’s child, and doesn’t even give a first name. Beyond that, she seems to really be trying hard to improv her way through the conversation, but instead ends up laughing and at a loss for words.

Thanks to The Smoking Gun, the world now knows exactly who the “daughter” is, a New York actress named Alexandra Tatarsky. She was hired by Kaufman’s brother to play the role of long-lost child, after they met while she worked at a gallery exhibiting artifacts from the late comedians life and career.
Not Andy’s brother is backtracking on the story, claiming he’s “as skeptical as anybody else” and never actually said Kaufman was alive, THR reports.

It’s been said time and time again that Andy joked about faking his own death at one point in life, with the intention to return 20 years later. That would have been in 2004, at which point an event was held in Los Angeles featuring many of Andy’s friends and fellow comedians. He didn’t return then, either.
Check out the video from the Andy Kaufman Awards below:

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