Even the “American Idol” Top 10 aren’t immune to the “Twilight” craze. Taylor Lautner is a huge fan of the show, and Katie Stevens says the feeling is mutual. “Taylor Lautner, if you want to call me at any point or time in the day, I would love to go out with you,” she said when Zap2it caught up with her in between rehearsals for the upcoming tour.

“His mom even came to one of our tapings,” Stevens says. “They didn’t tell me until after she left, though. I probably would have gone up to her. ‘Hi, I’ll be your daughter in law.'”

She may have some big-screen dreams of her own. “I’ve taken acting classes in New York, so I’m definitely interested in that,” she says. “Jennifer Hudson was eighth; I was eighth. She won an Oscar. Let’s throw one of those over here.”

Katie will get to work on her new album (and some more acting classes) when she gets back from the American Idol Live Summer Tour, which kicks off July 1 in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

If you wanna join the summer jam with your favorite Season 9 Idols then check out the full concert schedule for “American Idols Live Tour” here and purchase tickets at Live Nation.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie