This may break the hearts of the Team Jacob legions a little bit, but Taylor Lautner says finishing his final shirtless scene in “The Twilight Saga” made him “the happiest I’ve been in a long time.”

Lautner appeared on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday (Nov. 2) as part of the “Breaking Dawn Part 1” promotional tour, and after he and Jay Leno discussed Lautner’s recent trip to Australia (watch it here), talk turned to the movie franchise — and Jacob’s penchant for not covering his torso.

To hear Lautner tell it, it was something of a burden to be partially undressed so often: I remember my very last shirtless scene in the franchise, and I remember them calling ‘cut’ — and I was so happy, the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I remember going out — we were in Baton Rouge, so they have great food there. … I had dessert for the first time in forever, I took a few days off working out. It was amazing.”

Lautner and Leno then talk a little football — while “Breaking Dawn” was filming in Baton Rouge, Lautner got to walk the sidelines at a New Orleans Saints game — before he introduces a clip from the movie, which opens Nov. 18.

Will you be mourning Jacob’s final shirtless scene in “Breaking Dawn”?

Posted by:Rick Porter