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Taylor Lautner talks to Interview magazine about beefing up, how Jacob changes in "New Moon," how he handles fame and that dreamy love triangle between Jacob, Bella and Edward.

And he also talks about what  his real life relationship is like with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

And it's juicy ….


]]>Picture 20 How close is the cast:

LAUTNER: The whole cast is really close. It would be difficult for our characters if we weren’t. It’s a love triangle, and we need to understand each other. So the fact that we’re close and can talk things through in rehearsals, and if we’re out at dinner, we’ll just randomly start talking about the scene we’re shooting the next day . . . If we weren’t able to do those things, I don’t know where we’d be.

How Jacob feels:

LAUTNER: "Twilight" develops the relationship between Edward and Bella. In "New Moon," Edward leaves, and Bella needs someone to bring her out of this depression she’s in, so she turns to her best friend, Jacob. It looks like it could go past friends. Bella’s very confused. Jacob wants nothing more than to be more than friends. He wants Edward to get out of there so he can move in for the kill.

About Bella's feelings:

LAUTNER: Yeah. Bella’s torn. She’s still in love with Edward, but she’s kind of fallen for Jacob, too. When I read the books, I felt bad for Jacob, because he can’t have what he wants. I understand Jacob’s pain but also Bella’s pain — how she’s confused and torn between the two.

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