taylor lautner abduction lily pop2it Taylor Lautner's 'Abduction' trailer has arrived 'Twilight' fans! Peep it now.Taylor Lautner, Hollywood’s hottest werewolf Jacob Black of the “Twilight Saga,” takes on his first leading man guy action roll in the big screen thriller, “Abduction.”

MTV News, who unveiled the exclusive first look, had been counting down to the sneak preview all this week with a series of interviews where T-Laut reveals many little-known facts. Among Lautner’s revelations was his affinity for Britney Spears‘ latest CD “Femme Fatale,” as well as his desire to sing the pop star’s “Oops! … I Did It Again” on “Glee” if ever given the guest-star opportunity. (T-Laut you have real good taste)!

The trailer opens with a Lautner voice-over: “Sometimes I feel different.” And different this role certainly is from what Lautner’s uber-obsessive fans are used to seeing the actor play on TV and in movies. But from the looks of the film’s preview, Lautner die-hards won’t be disappointed.

In the Bourne-esque story for the younger set, directed by John Singleton, Lautner plays Nathan Price, a teenager who finds his picture on a missing persons web site and discovers that his parents may not be his real parents after all. Conspiracy, chaos and cool stunts then ensue as he essentially is running for his life while he seeks the truth alongside co-star Lily Collins, the soon-to-be Snow White.

“Abduction” opens in theaters nationwide on September 23.

Check it:

Posted by:Joseph Anthony Kapsch