taylor momsen europe mtv Taylor Momsen: Happy 18th birthday, stay just the way you areWatch out world! Taylor Momsen is officially an adult.

The “Gossip Girl” actress turned rock star is celebrating her 18th birthday and you know what that means, right?
Now she can smoke. No wait, she already does that. 
Drink? No, she’s not 21 yet.

Flash people? Nope. Not sure that’s legal at any age, but been there, done that, too.
Hmmm… what does turning 18 allow Taylor Momsen to do? We’re not sure, but she took to her Twitter to express her thanks for the birthday wishes and tease fans about some future plans.

“Thanks for all the birthday wishes from around the world…18…big news on the way,” she tweets.
Big news? Should we be scared? Nevertheless, have a happy birthday, Taylor. Please accept this black Wet ‘n Wild eyeliner as a gift.
Posted by:Jen Blushi