taylor-swift-red-album-cover-pic-youtube.jpgIn a live YouTube video chat with fans on Monday (Aug. 13), Taylor Swift unveiled the cover to her upcoming album “Red,” which will be dropping on Oct. 22. She also treated fans to the official debut of a new track from “Red” titled “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

“It’s a really, really romantic song. It’s really touching and sensitive,” Swift deadpans about the upbeat tune. “It’s to my lovely ex-boyfriend.”

On the track, Swift sings (and kinda raps at times), “I used to think that we were forever ever ever, and I used to say, ‘Never say never.'”

So which of Swift’s former fellows is the song about? Well, it may take a few more listens to dissect the clues (though, perhaps “red” is a clue in itself about a certain redhead?).

During the half-hour chat, Swift also answered questions from fans in-studio with her in Nashville, Tenn., and via Google+, including just what kind of clues we’re going to get in songs like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” as to whom Swift is writing about.

“[The songs] are all pretty much about … the tumultuous … semi-toxic relationships I’ve experienced in the last two years,” Swift says. “In my mind all of those emotions are red. … I’m trying not to be too cryptic with it but I’m also trying to not give it all away … hiding little codes in lyrics.”

Swift also says she got the opportunity to co-write with “some of [her] absolute favorite people in music” for this album. One of those people is Ed Sheeran (who also happens to be a redhead …), with whom Swift co-wrote a song while sitting on a trampoline. They even ended up recording it as a duet, which will appear on the album as one of the 16 songs to make the cut for “Red.”

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is now available for download on iTunes and GooglePlay.

Check out the full video chat below.

Or just have a listen to Swift’s new track.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper