taylor swift bob both of us Taylor Swift collaborates with B.o.B. for 'Both of Us': Watch videoIf, like us, you miss MTV’s “Making the Video” big time, you’re in luck — because Access Hollywood went behind the scenes of Taylor Swift and B.o.B.‘s new clip for “Both of Us,” and came up with a five minute mini-documentary about the trials and tribulations of shooting a music video.

It’s the latest single off B.o.B.’s album Strange Clouds, and this video is directed by “My vision for the video is like a kind of collage of different aspects of humanity in the southern states particularly around Nashville,” says director Jake Nava.

He surely puts his stars through the wringer. At a country barn, B.o.B. was attacked by a potential life-threatening spider. “It looked like a bird, you know. It was that big. It was just like, hanging
out there just ready to kill him, and I saved his life by pointing it
out. I’ll point that out,” Swift joked. She faced some terrifying moments herself, nearly attacked by vicious dogs when she waved a stick at them.

We’re kidding, y’all. The most dangerous thing these artists faced was a divey Nashville billiard room full of secondhand smoke. “It’s not even a song. It’s more like a project. This is bigger than just B.o.B. and Taylor Swift. This is about all walks of life. All classes of society. It’s about everybody, really,” B.o.B. says.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie