matt saracen taylor swift Taylor Swift debuts 'Ours' video: Watch Zach Gilford make us meltSo here’s the thing. Zach Gilford (of “Friday Night Lights” fame) sort of broke our hearts this week when he proposed to his girlfriend, forever destroying our dreams of marrying him and moving to Texas and having 100 babies.

But he’s gone a long way toward easing our pain by appearing in Taylor Swift‘s new video for “Ours,” in which she stars as a bored, lonely 9-to-5-er and he plays her super-cute long-distance boyfriend.

He even cuddles her real-life kitten, Meredith, in the home movies she watches to break up her boring office day. And we swoon, and we swoon, and we swoon.

“Ours” isn’t our favorite song from her latest album, “Speak Now,” but this is our favorite video. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go watch it again, and probably cry some more. (It’s just a Pavlovian reaction when we see Matt Saracen on our screens.)

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie