Even if you wanted to hate Taylor Swift — which you shouldn’t, because that’s like wanting to hate an adorable puppy sliding down a rainbow into a field of flowers — you couldn’t. In her latest act of flawless generosity, the country star donated 6,000 books to a struggling library by partnering with Scholastic, Inc.

Swift’s reps tell Reading Eagle that she chose three struggling libraries to support, including the Reading Library in Reading, PA. She is currently on tour sprinkling happiness and joy across the nation via song, so she couldn’t attend the unveiling of the books, but she’s there in spirit. Also in cardboard.

Staff at the Reading, PA library that received the donation has put up a large cutout of Swifty to remind their students that books are totally awesome. “She adds the coolness factor to reading,” says Bronwen Gable, the library’s assistant direction.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie