tim tebow taylor swift getty Taylor Swift 'has a crush' on Tim TebowWhile Tim Tebow is usually the one doing the passing, it appears that Taylor Swift is making a pass at the Denver Broncos quarterback.

“She has a crush on him,” a source tells Us Weekly. Swift and Tebow were spotted dining along with three other people at a pre-Oscar party in Hollywood. “They actually have been speaking a lot about the Bible and Christianity.”

Another source tells the magazine, “There were no public displays of affection between Taylor and Tim, but she surely looked happy to be there.”

Swift’s love life has been the topic of much fascination. The “Mean” singer used to date Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal, but things have been slow recently. In fact, Swift says for Valentine’s Day she “had a Pathetic Single Girls party…we ate junk food and just ate whatever we wanted and danced. We made these little profile cards about why we’re single.”

As for Tebow, rumors have it that the famously chaste QB recently turned down Kim Kardashian.

So Zappers, would the two make a cute couple, or should Swift look elsewhere?

Posted by:David Eckstein