taylor swift pink hair short haircut Taylor Swift has short pink hair for 'I Knew You Were Trouble' videoTaylor Swift‘s new single, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” doesn’t sound like anything we’ve heard from her before. The dubstep-inspired track (which we’re pretty sure is about John Mayer) doesn’t have a trace of the country cutie we know and love, instead introducing a bolder, more pop-friendly version of Swift.

So it’s only natural that she’d switch up her look a bit during promotion of the single. At this weekend’s American Music Awards, she went for a sexy rocker vibe, performing the song in a bustier and combat boots. For the video, she’s making an even more drastic style change — she’s got pink hair!

Swift left the AMAs early to go shoot the video on Sunday night. She was spotted on set with a short, blunt, shoulder-length haircut (we’re guessing it was a wig, unless her stylist made quick work of her long locks!) with dip-dyed pink tips. Instead of her usual sparkly dresses, she wore a leather jacket, a baggy, distressed shirt, and denim cut-offs.

(Does that count as personal growth, Taylor?)

We can’t wait to see her lose her Kennedy-inspired, polished wardrobe in favor of a grungier look for the video. Her love interest in the video, by the way, is played by Reeve Carney, who just broke up with one of Taylor’s besties, Ashley Greene. Sounds like drama worth writing a song about.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie