taylor swift red boyfriends Taylor Swift: My boyfriends tell me not to write songs about us when we break up

Taylor Swift might never ever ever be getting back together — like, ever — with some of her ex’s, but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to sing about them.

The 22-year-old singer’s new album, “Red,” is full of break-up anthems and songs about broken hearts, including the previously mentioned “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” It’s come to the point that fans are trying to puzzle out which of her former beaus Swift is singing about with each new single she releases — is it Jake Gyllenhaal? John Mayer? Taylor Lautner? — and Swift has no problem teasing some of her more dramatic break ups.

“[My boyfriends] never go into this like, ‘I really want to ask you out — could you not write songs about us?'” Swift tells Entertainment Tonight. “They say that when we’re breaking up and they’re like, ‘You better not write a song about this!’ And I’m like, ‘Oh I won’t!’ And then I do.”

Watch out, Conor Kennedy!

Posted by:Terri Schwartz