taylor swift gma getty Taylor Swift nude pics: They're not real, pervsWhen a gossip site posted a photo of a topless, curly-haired blonde and suggested that it might be Taylor Swift, they probably expected her to write a song about it, or perhaps dedicate her next VMA performance to reminding them that she’s so above it all.

What they got, however, was a quick cease-and-desist letter from her highly efficient legal team.

The site, CelebJihad, hasn’t taken down the photo — but they did let their readers know about the legal action, and the fact that her team called the pics “false pornographic images” and “false news.”

While Taylor contemplates suing the site for trademark infringement (according to TMZ), CelebJihad is considering its options. It’s also currently inaccessible — likely due to the traffic surge of people trying to check out the photo.

(Yeah, we peeked. It totally doesn’t even look like her.)

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie