taylor swift gma getty Taylor Swift opens up: 'I'm writing more than ever before lately'Taylor Swift, who was recently announced as Billboard’s Woman of the Year, hit Times Square on Thursday to chat with “Good Morning America,” and her fans, about her music, her new perfume Wonderstruck, and the her first “GMA” appearance at age 14.

“That was the night I played at Bluebird Cafe that ended up getting me a record deal,” Taylor says of that first interview. “It’s really crazy to have that on film.”

As for being the youngest to ever receive the Billboard Magazine award, the 21-year-old says, “When I heard about Billboard Woman of the Year, it was such an exciting, amazing honor. It’s one of those jumping-up-and-down moments, where you’re just like, ‘The whole year!?'”

Her fragrance is named after a line from her song, “Enchanted,” which goes, “I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.” Taylor says that doing new things — like creating fragrances — keeps things new and exciting for her.

“I’ve always loved that line and that phrase, wonderstruck; you don’t hear it very often,” she says. “I felt like if I ever got the chance to make a fragrance, which I’ve dreamed about doing since I was about 14 years old… that would be the title. I’d want to create a fragrance that smells the way that word feels.”

The bottle also includes trinkets that represent things in Taylor’s apartment in Nashville.

Taylor takes being a role model seriously. “It’s sort of a serious thing! It’s been so much fun to have this relationship with my fans where they get me, they understand me… you have to respect that bond. There’s a trust there,” she says.

As for when she’ll put out a new album, Taylor says she’s “writing more than ever before lately.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie