taylor swift red gma abc Taylor Swift talks romance and gossip: 'My personal stories sound better in a song'Taylor Swift has been the talk of every blog (including this one) since her record was released, with more than a few songs written about her relationships with high-profile boyfriends like Jake Gyllenhaal and Connor Kennedy. This week, ABC was fervently promoting her in-depth interview with Katie Couric, in which Katie promised to ask Taylor about the love of her life.

Seriously, they used that clip in every commercial. “I have to ask you about the love of your life,” Katie asks. Obviously, we tuned in, thinking that finally, Taylor would address the rampant speculation about her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. We’ve been singing along to that relationship at every red light this week. We deserve to know something, right?

No. Because the highly promoted question about love was actually in reference to Taylor’s cat. Meredith.

And Taylor’s deep thoughts about the cat? “She’s just a cat so she has no idea that she’s really kind of famous,” Taylor says. Really. That’s what she said.

Sigh. As far as romance goes, Taylor isn’t naming names — apparently, once you’ve called out Joe Jonas for dumping you in a 27-second-phone call, you’ve peaked. She did, however, vaguely discuss a few breakups. And vaguely reference John Mayer’s bitterness at being targeted in her song “Dear John.” And vaguely reveal what could be a major anxiety disorder that she should probably discuss with a professional. We’re just saying.

So, without further ado, Taylor Swift talks Taylor Swift. We watched it, so you don’t have to.

On living alone in Nashville: “I do really well on my own. I like to watch tv, hang out with my cat, go hiking.”

On being a CoverGirl and her perfume line:”
You become a brand as soon as you sell one thing, so you can either recognize it and embrace it or you can deny it and pretend it’s not happening.”

On heartbreak: “It starts out fun. There’s always got to be a little glimmer of good for a relationship to go bad and for you to miss it and to write about it.”

On men avoiding her because they don’t want to be fodder for her songs:
“The only time that’s been an issue is when I was going through a really bad breakup with a guy and he’s like ‘You’d better not write about this’ and I’m like ‘Oh, I won’t.'” (Did she?) “Yes. If they’re not liking… what they assume and presume is about them, I probably hit the nail right on the head. It’s probably really true.”

On anxiety:
“Every time for me is a nerve-wracking time for me, because I will find the pressure in every situation and think about it.”

On where she’ll be at 32: “Whoa, that’s such a hard question. All my fears come out. Like losing
everything, losing my friends and my family and ending up alone and
crying and stuff. In ten years I will hopefully either have a family or
know when I want to have one or something.”

On growing up as an artist:
“It’s really important for me for my fans to trust me and not go so far in the opposite direction that they don’t recognize me anymore… it’s trying a new thing without becoming a new thing … I think a mistake that sometimes gets made when there’s pressure to grow up, you think, ‘You didn’t have to grow up 10 years in a month!’ I want to live my life one year at a time. When I’m 22 I want to be 22, when I’m 23 I want to be 23, whatever that is.”

On (not talking about) her summer romance: “
It was a great summer. The single came out and did so well, made the album, it was a great summer. I think for me I just think that my personal stories sound better in a song than in an interview, in quotes.”

On an expiration date: “I really don’t want to do this after people get tired of me. I want to know when that line is and if I overstay my welcome I’ll go write songs for other people. I really want to end up happy. That’s the biggest thing for me.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie