taylor swift ama best artis Taylor Swift turns 22. Happy birthday, Swifty!We know the day is almost over, but we couldn’t let December 13th pass without paying tribute to our celeb BFF crush, Taylor Swift. (She’s the celebrity we most want to be besties with, obviously.)

Although the country-pop princess didn’t release an album in 2011, she still had a pretty great year. She won Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, and recently adopted a kitten she named Meredith. One may be more prestigious than the other, but both are pretty awesome events.
Swifty told Ellen DeGeneres in October that she’s currently single, but that didn’t stop her from getting one of our “Friday Night Lights” boyfriends (Zach Gilford) to co-star in her music video for “Ours.”
Basically, what we’re saying is that Taylor Swift is awesome, we want to be her friend, and we hope she had a wonderful 22nd birthday. 
Take it away, Taylor: 

Posted by:Jean Bentley