taylor swift cmt Taylor Swift's 21st birthday: 5 ways you can celebrateWatch out world. Taylor Swift is 21 years old!

Okay, so maybe you don’t really have to watch out. Despite being legally allowed to booze it up, we’re guessing Swift will be more inclined to have half a glass of wine with dinner than half a bottle of tequila at a nightclub. She said it herself — the thing she’s most looking forward to about being 21 is the music, not the liquor.

1. Throw a surprise party.
No, not the kind where you surprise Taylor by sneaking onto her tour bus with noisemakers. Instead, invite all of your friends over to practice their best “Who, me? I’m SHOCKED!” faces in the mirror. Bring your mom and/or your high school BFF to grab and hug. Prizes awarded to anyone who can cry on demand. 2. Wear a sparkly dress to work. But for god’s sake, make sure your skirt isn’t short, or Taylor might appear out of nowhere wearing a t-shirt and sneakers to steal your quarterback boyfriend. (You didn’t deserve him anyway.) 3. Write the number 13 on everything. You’ve seen it inked on Taylor’s hand nine times out of ten when she’s in public, but you can do better than that. Draw a big old “13” on your forehead. We recommend using Sharpie. Shave a “13” into your cat’s fur. That superstitious colleague of yours? When he takes his break, leave Post-its all over his cubicle with the number 13 on them. He’ll thank you later.

4. Forgive someone who has wronged you.
Do it publicly and preferably barefoot. You know how your roommate drank the last of your Diet Coke last week? Write her a letter about how you know that at heart, she’s a good person, and eventually her cold and dark soul will find happiness again. After all, she’s still an innocent, and she’s probably still growing up. Post this letter on Facebook, Tweet it, and email it to her and everyone she works with. Then solemnly pat yourself on the back for being the bigger person here.

5. Get drunk.
Look, if Taylor isn’t using that bottle of tequila… we wouldn’t want it to go to waste, okay?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie