taylor swift kanye west baby tweet Taylor Swift's tweet about Kanye West's baby isn't real, but it sure is funny

Many people had things to say about, following the birth of a baby girl to Kanye West and Kim Kardashan Saturday (June 15). One particular response got a ton of attention online, for a couple of reasons. In addition to it being very funny, it was completely unexpected.
A screenshot of a tweet started floating around the internet over the weekend, from Taylor Swift. It’s message was clear, reading, “Yo I’m happy for you and imma let you finish but Beyonce has one of the best labors of all time.”
Very simple, but funny dig at Kanye over the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards debacle. Kanye took to the stage as Taylor was winning a VMA, to talk about how awesome Beyonce’s video was. He’s a classy guy, that Kanye.
Alas, the tweet isn’t genuine. As great as it would be to see Taylor take that swipe at Kanye, the screenshot looks to have come from a Tumblr page and not Taylor at all.
Still, it’s worth a good laugh. For the sake of a refresher, check out Kanye’s interruption below, it’s one of the best of all time:

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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