Today’s cuppa: Office coffee — yes, office coffee! I’ve missed you, office coffee. OK, not really.

Today was the last day of the Television Critics Association Press Tour, which was really more of an actual tour, because TV critics were able to visit sets both at Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox. I had to give up WB to knock out some work in the office, but I did head to Fox in the afternoon for a visit to the set of Joss Whedon’s upcoming Fox series "Dollhouse" (not airing until January) and a table read of the 250th episode of the animated Fox series "King of the Hill."

More on that later, once I assemble all my materials, but meantime, here’s a story that I can just about guarantee you will not appear on any other TV critic blog. Of course, after you read it, you may think it was better left that way, but here goes.

It all starts with some hair — not just any hair, but rockstar hair — which ended its useful life on Monday, July 21, in a wastebasket in room 704 of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Here’s the story as related to me via email by publicist pal Carina Sayles, former occupant of said room.

She writes, "Hair stylist to the stars Daniel Erdman was at TCA to do hair for Bar Refaeli, host of Bravo’s ‘Ironic Iconic America‘ and supermodel girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio.

"While the lovely Bar is in her electronic interviews in the Executive Suite of the Beverly Hilton, Daniel goes over to hang out in the hair/makeup touch-up room that NBC has set up and runs into his friend Gilby Clarke (‘Rock Star Supernova’), who is distressed that his locks do not look their best.

"Having time to kill and his shears at hand, Daniel starts snipping away quickly at Gilby’s head — after first asking permission to use a chair of the head NBC hair girl, who grants it. Nonetheless, an NBC staffer (who I shall not name; he’s a nice guy but was very tense at the time) responsible for ‘moving everything along’ in the interviews and keeping all on schedule, comes in, sees the haircut in progress and freaks out, asking Daniel to stop, Gilby to vacate the chair and for the hair to be cleaned up.

"Bar wraps up her interviews and Daniel is given a break. Feeling a need for a respite from the madness, Daniel retreats to the room of the ‘Ironic Iconic’ publicist, who kindly lends him her key so he can decompress. Said publicist has to go set up for the next round of interviews anyhow.

"’Ironic Iconic’ publicist eventually makes it back to her now-empty room to change for the NBC All-Star Party, and when she goes to toss out a tissue, spies a basketful of rockstar hair. Back in Bar’s makeup area, she asks Daniel, ‘Is there Guns ‘N Roses hair in my wastebasket, Daniel?’ He replies that indeed there is and explains the traumatic (but funny) situation…"

At this point, I entered the story, having seen the lovely Carina — while I was interviewing Robin Dunne of the upcoming Sci Fi series "Sanctuary" — and accepted her offer of her room as a resting place for my computer bag during the party. I spied the hair in the wastebasket, and as a big fan of "Rock Star Supernova" (and its predecessor "Rock Star INXS") and a frequent attendee at Sunday-afternoon tapings for both shows, I snapped a photo of the tresses.


Carina continues the story, "’Ironic Iconic’ publicist is very excited at the prospect of taking a lock of the hair back to her 13-year-old son, who’s a major ‘Rock Star Supernova’ fan" — hear that CBS?? — "However, she cannot quite bring herself, now nicely dressed for the party, to reach into the basket and take some out …ew. She decides she will do so later, once she’s located a nice baggie.

"But sadly, the Beverly Hilton housekeeping staff, doing their job, tidy Ms. Publicist’s room during turndown service and decide that the hair was offensive and should be removed…and it is."

For those wondering what Gilby Clarke was doing at the Hilton during NBC’s press day, Erdman reports via Blackberry, "He was there for a meeting. He’s not allowed to say with whom or for what, but it’s very ‘rockstar.’"

Mysterious! BTW, for trivia fans out there, there was a murdered prostitute character named Carina Sayles in "Avatar," a third-season episode of "The X-Files," written by current "24" producer (and friend of Sayles’) Howard Gordon, from a story he concocted with star David Duchovny. They both appeared at Press Tour — Gordon for "24" and Duchovny for his Showtime series "Californication."

Playing the dead Carina Sayles was Canadian actress Amanda Tapping. She’s starring in the aforementioned "Sanctuary" (which is based on a Web-only project). Since Sci Fi is part of the NBC Universal family of cablenets, Tapping attended the NBC party (saw pic of her 3-year-old daughter, so cute!).

So, at one point. the fake dead Carina Sayles was standing only a few dozen feet from the real living Carina Sayles. When worlds collide…

Posted by:Kate O'Hare