Only at press tour could you talk to a news producer on a Monday and be listening to a ballroom dancer singing country on Wednesday.

And since I got to hear both, you will, too.

As for the news, I previously posted clips from Matt Frei of BBC News and John King from CNN, and I had hoped to catch a few minutes with Chris Wallace of Fox News last Monday. That may happen down the line, but I did grab a quick chat after the session with John Moody, executive vice president, news editorial.

Here’s his take on what he learned from his almost-14-year stint at Time Magazine before coming to Fox News (he pauses a bit to answer, so don’t be alarmed):

Professional ballroom dancer Julianne Hough has won two editions of ABC’s "Dancing With the Stars," with speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno and with auto racer Helio Castroneves, and then didn’t quite go all the way with Adam Carolla. But she has also always been a singer, and now she’s released a self-titled debut country CD. She performed a few songs from the Mercury Nashville Records CD at a themed luncheon for the upcoming CMA Awards, airing Nov. 12 on ABC.

Here’s a clip from a song called "Hide Your Matches":

And here’s a bit of her new single, "That Song in My Head":

Posted by:Kate O'Hare