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I’m listening right now to CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler, and as you might expect, the subject of the recently axed "Moonlight" came up. Tassler — who always got high marks from showrunners during her tenure overseeing drama at CBS — announced her love for werewolves, vampires and things that go bump in the night, but apparently her research shows that a lot of the fan enthusiasm for the show was centered on star Alex O’Loughlin (which doesn’t seem surprising to me).

Before the show premiered, when the entire cast was changed over except for O’Loughlin, I gave a call to then-executive producer David Greenwalt, who knew a lot about vampires from his tenure on "Angel." I asked why O’Loughlin stayed when everyone else went, and Greenwalt said, "He’s the guy."

So, I just asked Tassler whether the network would like to find another show, either a current one or a new one, for O’Loughlin, and she said the network would "love to."

More later…

Posted by:Kate O'Hare