Today’s cuppa: Chai spice black tea.

Last night was the CBS/Showtime/The CW all-star party, at a large club in Hollywood. Or at least I was told it was large, because to me it only seemed as big as the inch-and-a-half between my nose and the backs of the next celebrity entourage.

Rumor has it that there were 1,500 people crammed into this place — with 60 percent of them crowded at the corner of any available bar, effectively closing off access to what large patches of breathable oxygen existed.

But there was fun to be found.

I ran into Rob Morrow from "Numb3rs," who shot "The Bucket List" with longtime idol Jack Nicholson. Morrow did do his Nicholson impression at one point (not bad!) and revealed that the Hollywood legend is a fan of his CBS crime drama. Cameo, I asked? Morrow wouldn’t mind. Can you just imagine?

Anyway, he told a story about shooting hospital scenes with Nicholson (Morrow played a doctor) and coming in with a carefully concealed list of all the things he’s ever wanted to ask him and then working them skillfully into the conversation.

Then he told me about a pilot he’s directed for NBC called "The Green Team" (Morrow is also a busy director and producer) and within a few moments there appeared Curt King, a top communications exec at NBC Universal Television Studio (and one of the nicest folks ever, as is Morrow). I introduced the two — who thought they may have met at some point in the past — and left them happily ensonced in conversation.

Bringing people together, it’s what I do.

Then I had a nice chat (OK, nice yell, it was loud in there) with Bertram Van Munster, executive producer of "The Amazing Race" (for which you may recall, I fake-Emmy-voted a few days ago). Regular Cuppers know that I did the first press visit to the super-secret "Race" HQ in El Segundo for an upcoming syndicated feature story. At that time, his wife and partner, Elise Doganieri, was less than two weeks away from giving birth.

Van Munster reveals that he now has a healthy baby daughter. As she was delivered by C-section, Doganieri unfortunately couldn’t go on the the world-spanning scouting trip for the next season of the reality-competition show. Sadly, he didn’t have a picture of the new addition, but he says she’s gorgeous, and Hot Cuppa TV believes him.

Anyway, on the way out, I finally saw one of my favorite Hollywood folks, the smart and charming Emily Procter, who plays ballistics expert Calleigh Duquesne on the hit crime drama "CSI: Miami." She’s promoting a new law to improve living conditions for commercial poultry raised in cages. I’m all for it. A happy chicken is a healthy chicken, and a healthy chicken is a tasty chicken. I hope to have more details down the line.

And I discovered that the lovely Ms. Procter is a Cupper in her own right, as the proud owner of an on-set teapot. We bonded over the love of the green and black tea, and Emily also recommends ginger tea to soothe the tummy.

We love the tea tips from the stars. Emmy, this Cuppa’s for you!

Speaking of El Segundo, I’m off to there in a few minutes to visit a location shoot for the TLC room-makeover show "Trading Spaces." More on that later on…

Posted by:Kate O'Hare