Today’s cuppa: Barry’s Classic Blend tea and Beverly Hilton
coffee (still good).

Fox Broadcasting presented its fall schedule yesterday. As they have only a
couple of new shows, there were a lot of familiar faces, including the cast of
the "24" prequel movie and a panel of animation producers (BTW,
people dressed as characters from "Family Guy" and "The
Simpsons" are creepy. Those characters are really not meant to be seen
larger than life-size and in 3-D).

But what stuck out in my mind was the Fox News panel in the afternoon. As I
reported last week, it featured "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace,
political analysts Karl Rove (who most recently worked in the George W. Bush
administration) and Howard Wolfson (who most recently worked on the campaign of
Hillary Clinton), and John Moody, executive vice president, news editorial.

Fox News is often accused of editorializing and showing bias toward the
conservative viewpoint. To be fair, the opposite charge of pro-liberal bias is
often leveled at other news organizations. Viewers can, and do, decide for themselves.

The session — which has been widely written up — was
generally civil, lively and interesting. Tough questions were asked and
answered (as also happened at last week’s CNN session and will no doubt happen
at future sessions with network news people).

But at one point ,well, here’s an excerpt of the transcript:

Mr. Moody, is — to follow up on

— is Mr. Rove on the honor system regarding

conversations with Steve Schmidt and other

high up the McCain campaign, or have you

a certain line that he won’t cross?


MOODY:  He’s always on the honor system.  All

our employees are, but I can tell you as the

— "the buck," if you want to call it

— where it stops, we get most of our

about the McCain campaign from our

who’s covering it, Carl Cameron.

faster than Karl.


But the question is more is —


MOODY:  I understand the question.  I don’t

Karl would cross an ethical line like that,

do I think that —




nor do I think it’s a question really that we

have to look at a whole lot.  What kind of

from Steve Schmidt is going to be

through Karl Rove to FOX News that

Cameron our correspondent on the beat isn’t

to get first.

There was other laughter during the session, but that was generally in response to jokes or quips. I
don’t know for sure who laughed and who didn’t at this juncture, but those who did appeared to be expressing an opinion about Mr. Moody’s assertion and, by extension,  Mr. Rove’s ethics.


about pots and kettles and people who live in glass houses come to mind…

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