Despite all evidence to the contrary, conservative author/speaker Ann Coulter is not a rabid racist.

She’s a comedian and she’s doing conservative political humor. You radical liberals just don’t get it.

]]>Will Arnett, Dan Aykroyd, Dave Foley, Michael J. Fox, Jim Carrey, Mike Meyers, Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel, and Martin Short are from Canada, Coulter thinks Canadians are totally humorless.  ann coulter 1 Canadians don't get Ann Coulter's humor. Do you?That much was proven recently when she got railed by a bunch of dour activist Canadians students who accused her of racism and hate speech, which apparently is illegal in Canada.  The kids were particularly incensed over her statements that Muslims should be banned from flying. She explained to her pal Bill O’Reilly afterwards that the much-hyped CNN clip of her telling one of those students that Muslims should “take a camel” was just another one of her funny jokes. “Funny that a lot of my most hateful speech are things I never said,” Coulter insisted. “Or they’re jokes, that’s what they usually are.” To prove her point, she made another joke. “Seven Imams were threatening to boycott Northwest Airlines… I just pointed out how ironic it was that the Imams were threatening to boycott airlines, and if all Muslims boycotted airlines we could dispense with airport security altogether.” Hahahahaha. You know, we might think it was funny too, if we didn’t believe that deep down she’s dead serious. What do you think? Is Ann joking or not? Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook  for the latest celebrity news and buzz
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