RightNetwork, an independently owned, Tea Party affiliated new network gets a little help from actor Kelsey Grammer, who talks about things that aren’t right in this promo for the network that launches this summer.

Things like big government, group hugs, running in place, cats on leashes, grown man tickle fights, bailouts for billionaires, partisan politics, debt, and Michael Moore in a speedo.

“RightNetwork, all that’s right with the world,” is the catchphrase. The network wants to “entertain, engage, and enlighten Americans who are looking for content that reflects and reinforces their perspective and worldview.”

In other words, Fox News fans.

]]>The Dish Rag has to wonder if Grammer is the right choice for the Tea Party network that is pro-military, pro-business and pro-America and clearly meant to appeal to audiences in — how shall we put this — middle America. After all, he has homes in Malibu, Ca., Bridgehampton, Conn., and is looking for a Manhattan pad. What will be on the network? To start, a show called “Running” about freshman politicians running for office. And another show called “Right to Laugh” featuring high-larious partisan political humor. Also one called “Politics and Poker” that features — among other people —  LA-based conservative political pundit Andrew Brietbart sitting around playing poker and poking fun at all things liberal.  Yup, it’s a real gut-buster. Will you watch shows on this network? Don’t expect any reruns of “All in the Family.” But we could see Sarah Palin at the poker table. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news More political dish

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead