glee cast 290 Tears of 'Glee': Top 5 most emotional momentsIf you’re anything like us, “Glee” makes you cry all the time. What moments have cut us the deepest?

5. Sue Sylvester and her sister, “Wheels”
Darn you, show! You’ve created this excellent villain for us to hate, spewing out all manner of hare-brained quotes, and then you go and have her donate money for wheelchair ramps and read a book to her sister with Downs Syndrome. That’s just unfair.

4. “Imagine” with the Haverbrook Deaf Choir, “Hairography”
It was emotional enough to watch the deaf show choir sign the song, but when Mercedes started singing we couldn’t hold the tears back any longer.

3. Kurt and his father, “Preggers”
We’re a sucker for a good “prickly father bonds with his son” storyline. It’s the “Field of Dreams” syndrome. But “Glee” did a nice job with it, especially because it included a football team dancing to a Beyonce song. It doesn’t get much better than that.

2. “Defying Gravity” duo, “Wheels”
We could write a whole essay on what the song “Defying Gravity” means to the characters of Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel, but suffice to say that watching them soar on such a wonderful song got us right here [pounds chest].

glee pilot Tears of 'Glee': Top 5 most emotional moments1. “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Pilot”
It’s a cliche choice, but this performance made us cry both last spring when the pilot previewed and again this fall when it was re-broadcast. Just the triumph of the original group of misfit “Glee” members giving such an outstanding, hopeful performance was incredible.

We can’t wait to see what “Glee” has in store for our tear ducts in 2010. By the way, all these incidents of actual crying are solely the confession of your author. She is not implying that “Glee” makes everyone else at Zap2it cry every week.

Do you agree with our Top 5 Tearjerkers? Let us know your own in the comments!

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