When last we left our hero, he was entering a new unknown life led by his fake parents, the test Subject 781228 with an XX designation was glimpsed and the Tragers were down to only two kids in the house. In the information-packed second season premiere of Kyle XY, the mysteries deepen even as questions are answered.

My first concern was that now Kyle (Matt Dallas) had left to pursue his past in earnest — which includes his older doppleganger Adam Bailyn and the security guard Tom Foss — was that the heartfelt and humorous interaction with the Tragers would fall by the wayside. And in a way, this is true for the first episode. It’s frustrating to see the Tragers deal with the loss of Kyle, who had become one of their own, how they turn on each other and how they can only chat briefly with him online for two minutes at a time.

Without offering up any spoilers, let me just assure you that Kyle and the Tragers will not be parted for long.

The episode, however, does delve into Kyle’s mysterious past. Some of it is expected. I mean, we all must have predicted some sort of experimentation by now given that Kyle is referred to as Subject 781227. The extent of the experimentation, however, is very intriguing and even references Albert Einstein. Kyle learns that there are even more abilities he hasn’t tapped into yet, but unfortunately, nurturing these skills comes with a price.

For me, learning more about his past was especially rewarding because we find out why he likes sleeping in tubs and get even more rather obscure reasons to draw parallels to Christ. It gets fairly sci fi with the theories and moral aspects of the experimentation, so it’s inevitable that religion will eventually get a say in the show.

It’s more of a transitional episode, but there are a few differences that I’ve noticed. For one, Lori (April Matson) has a sleeker new haircut, while Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) has matured physically. And although there’s a little bit with Declan (Chris Olivero), unfortunately Kyle’s other friends don’t make appearances, so that means the Charlie cheating on Amanda storyline and skanky Hilary’s ongoing drama will just have to be addressed later.

Oh, and yes, we get to see a little bit more of the XX subject, but what her role will be remains to be seen.

Are you glad Kyle is back? What do you make of his new potentional and XX?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen